Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful for Thankfulness

Yesterday was Thanksgiving:  a time to stop and give thanks for the blessings in our life.  I, like most Americans, celebrated with my loved ones and feasted on turkey and a whole table full of homemade, delicious goodies.  I want to wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving as well.  I considered posting the standard "This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for..." blah, blah, blah.  But have decided against it. For the record I have no issue with such described posts.  In fact I enjoy reading them.  I like to hear what others are thankful for.  I like seeing so many people dwelling on the positive (and sometimes not so positive) blessings in their lives.  I also feel these lists are sometimes redundant.  Family.  Friends.  Health. Etc.  In general it seems like when we as humans take the time to think about it, even just for a day, we tend to all agree that all these things are worth being thankful for.  I agree.  I am thankful for all these things too. 

But beyond those standards, I am also very Thankful for Thankfulness.

I am thankful to know that there is a reason everyday to be thankful.  I am not a person who anticipates.  Life goes by so quickly, and I like to live in the now.  I want to enjoy this day for all that it will bring.  I don't like to "count down" to the next "good thing" that will occur or a certain fun event that is happening.  I like to focus on what good thing is happening right now, even if its just a tiny, insignificant speck of the big picture.  And this is where the Thankful for Thankfulness comes to play.  Because, as I make my way through these less exciting but still so worthwhile and enjoyable days I try to be thankful in general for all those not so noticed things:  My house,s heater kicking on;  the scalding hot water from the sink that warms my frigid skin; the delicious leftovers I get for lunch; the sweet text message from my husband; the sunshine OR the clouds (because I love them both for each for the own uniqueness).  And I am thankful that I can recognize all these things and countless others and have the opportunity to be thankful for them!  It is that thankfulness that I am so thankful for.  Because let's face it.  For every "good thing" that happens today, there could be just as many "bummer moments", disappointing events, and things that let us down.  And I could just as easily focus on those.  But instead, I choose to dwell on the good.  I choose to be thankful.

That is my wish for you as well: that each and everyday you can see all the thankful moments around you.  And if you aren't already slowing down and noticing all those little things... well I hope that this post will inspire you!

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